Our Specialty

Events and Festivals

We produce theatrical premieres, conventions, film and script festivals since 2010 - your film can premiere all across LA County with us.

Merchandise and Marketing

With our help, your film can be touched by a potential audience you may not have even realized existed! Allow your watcher to be your fans.

Press and Discussions

Improve your portfolio with interview from the Press, an online forum, and many more! Let your work to trend, as the masterpiece it deserves to be.

Step By Step

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Have A Film

    We accept only films to distribute within our network, nothing less.

  • 2. Submit via Xerb.tv

    We partner with Xerb.tv to showcase your films to an online audience.

  • 3. Paint The Town Red

    Network with fellow filmmakers and fans at our local film festivals.

  • 4. Review And Repeat

    If we're a right fit for you, then send us more, and profit some more!

    Support Indie

    Our professional agency believes in the power of creative ideas and great films.

    Our Channels

    Thanks to our partnership with Xerb.tv, you can choose from three of our channels, and reap the benefits!
    Music Video Haven
    [ visit now: xerb.tv/channel/mvh ]

    Get into the most profitable industry in the film industry! Show off your style, your mastery of sound, and make a real celebrity out of your musician(s).

    International Documentary Channel
    [ visit now: xerb.tv/channel/idc ]

    Produce the most artistic media amongst all of the genres of film. Nothing screams louder than a new perspective in the world we live in today.

    The Drama Network
    [ visit now: xerb.tv/channel/dff ]

    Become part the most powerful tradition of filmmaking, and reel in your audience with a heart warming epic that no one can resist.

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